Here, we will explain the outline and mechanism of general endoscopes.

Widely used tool for gastrointestinal examination

An endoscope is a tool for observing the inside of the body and is mainly used for gastrointestinal examinations. An ultra-small camera is attached to the tip of the string-shaped device, which allows you to see the inside of the internal organs.

The first endoscope was born in Germany in 1805. After that, the technology spread all over the world, and now various types of endoscopes have been developed, such as ultrasonic endoscopes using ultrasonic technology and endoscopes adopting sublumen technology that can perform direct treatment. It has been.

Observable parts other than the gastrointestinal tract

There are various areas that can be examined with an endoscope, such as the larynx, trachea, thoracic cavity, abdominal cavity, and bladder. You can also see inside the blood vessels, spine, and joints. The making of the endoscope is different for each application.