In the article “What is a Borescope?”, I gave an overview and basic features of a Borescope. Here, we will introduce the latest borescope with various functions.

Various functions have appeared to support various uses

Heat resistance: There are borescopes with various heat resistance ranges from 250 to 2500 ° C. It can also be used in high temperature equipment, incinerators, and steelmaking sites.

MicroSD card compatible … Images and videos can be saved and recorded in MicroSD. It is also possible to transfer to other media via the card. You can also view the captured images and videos on a large screen or TV.

With LED light … Since the LED light is attached to the tip, you can see the inside clearly even in a dark place. Many have the ability to adjust the brightness. It is also a point that it lasts a long time because it is an LED.